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What Is The Cotton Candy Project?

Hi! I’m Claire. I am the founder of the

Cotton Candy Project.

This project is all about serving.

Life can be pretty tough.  But, I still believe that there is more good than bad in the world.  If you take part in this project, we can prove that good always wins in the end.  


To take part in this project, all you need to do is serve. Anything and everything counts. After you perform an act of service, come back to the website, click on the "Submit Your Service" button, and fill out the form. Occasionally, throughout the year, you may receive an email telling you about acts of service people just like you have been performing. Hopefully, this will be a reminder of all the good that’s happening in the world. Also, feel free to check back in on the website anytime to see what’s going on. Who knows?  You might just see yourself or your service highlighted in the gallery! 


Remember, no act of service is too small.  This is how I came up with the name "The Cotton Candy Project."


If you’ve ever watched someone make cotton candy, or if you’ve made it yourself, you know it is made from teeny-tiny bits of sugar. The sugar is poured into a machine, and within just a few minutes, the small particles of sugar turn into a giant fluff-ball of deliciousness!  That’s what this project is like. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences. 


So, let’s make this year better than before. Let’s make this the best year we’ve ever had. Together, let’s make this a Cotton Candy Year!

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